King88bet Slot Terpercaya. Supervisor of Narrative and Content for the Ganjar-Mahfud Nationwide Winning (TPN), Roby Muhamad, chose not to choose a connection narrative if the governmental and vice governmental prospect set Pranowo and Mahfud Md won the 2024 Governmental election (Pilpres). King88bet Login Alternatif

Slot Online Tergacor .They prefer the call ‘Better Indonesia’. Roby said this in reaction to the moderator’s question whether TPN Ganjar-Mahfud still selected the narrative of proceeding the federal government of Head of state Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Slot Online Tergacor

responded to Roby throughout a conversation on ‘Total National politics qualified Imagine a Market game slot Bonus: Young Skills Can Still Find Work’ in the Southern Jakarta location, Saturday (18/11/2023). King88bet Login Alternatif

King88bet Login Alternatif .Roby said that among the problems highlighted by TPN Ganjar-Mahfud was work. Although the unemployment rate has the tendency to be reduced, he predicts it will proceed to increase because of the .

“For us, that is Indonesia’s number 1 problem. It is an work issue. It is not about unemployment, our unemployment is quite reduced. That is all, we have a . So it proceeds to increase,” he said. Slot Online Tergacor

Roby desires financial development of 7 percent if Ganjar-Mahfud is chosen in the governmental political election. So, job opportunities can open also wider. King88bet Login Alternatif

King88bet Slot Terpercaya

“Because if it is much less compared to 7 percent, after that we’re reasonable, so we want to leave the nation’s children unemployed, so no, we need to while we’re still campaigning. We’re still formulating what’s probably,” he continued. Slot Online Tergacor

Inning accordance with Roby, labor absorption will be a problem in the future in the middle of Indonesia’s market bonus. “We understand that unrestrained unemployment, particularly if there’s a , will cause social problems everywhere,” he wrapped up. King88bet Slot Terpercaya

Replacement for Territorial Design of the Winning Group (TPN) Ganjar Pranowo Mahfud , Komjen Pol (Ret.) Luki Hermawan welcomed youths to obtain involved and obtain associated with national politics. He welcomed youths to become campaigners in the 2024 Political election (Pilpres).

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